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Press Release February 9 2018

HENDERSON, Nev., Feb. 9, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- In an announcement, the company said that its large volume TRM, capable of processing material as large as 2 inches in diameter into micronized powders, can now be supplied to well qualified international customers on a no deposit basis and full payment due 12 months later at 0% interest. 

"Our TRM changes how the world's economy produces materials. Now we are changing the economic model of how well qualified customers can obtain this technology and implement it in their relevant markets. The idea that a fertilizer producer or a mining company can purchase millions of dollars of equipment without a cent changing hands until 12 months later is completely unheard of in this industry. It literally allows the customer to commission a project and generate cashflows well ahead of the time they need to pay for the technology," said Ronen Hazarika, Managing Partner at Collaborative Technologies, LLC. 

Collaborative Technologies also announced the availability of its proprietary biomass fuel catalyst ("BFC") which it has developed specifically for use with wood chips, bamboo and palm kernel shells. These products can be used as replacement fuel at power stations, as a clean alternative to coal to reduce emissions. The demand for palm kernel shells has increased considerably in Asia resulting in prices closer to that of coal. However, the problems associated with the burning of these biomass fuels are the emissions, which is where the BFC offers technical solutions. 

"Use of our BFC in conjunction with fuels, such as palm kernel shells, improves the burning efficiency and also reduces the emissions of particulate matter and NOx, which improves the overall emissions profile, and because of the improved combustion, there is reduced maintenance benefit for the end user," commented Ronen Hazarika, Managing Partner at Collaborative Technologies, LLC. "I have recently just returned from a trip to Japan where I met with several sogo shosha who are active in the area of biomass fuels, and the technology was widely accepted as unique and a major tool in being able to enable them to turn a commodity into a branded product with real life performance claims. We expect that we will have a signed supply contract and first shipment in early Q2 of 2018. A wider more strategic alliance with one of the sogo shosha is also being discussed, and we have agreed to target completion of that by the end of 2018." 

"We anticipate that 2018 will see Collaborative Technologies launching major technology offerings through in-licensed technology or co-developed technology initiatives impacting areas such as organic fertilizer production, biomass fuels, waste facility management, medical waste disposal, ethanol production and high value animal feeds," concluded Ronen Hazarika.

Collaborative Technologies LLC is a is a leading supplier of alternative energy solutions and innovative energy technologies that provide customers with energy and emission reductions at zero or minimal capital cost compared to existing technologies. 

Based in the United States, Collaborative Technologies works with technology groups to in-license synergistic technology with its core milling and drying technology, which is the first commercially available advancement in particle size reduction and moisture control in over 100 years. Collaborative Technologies provides customers in the food, agricultural industrial, mining, chemical and pharmaceutical industries with technology that offers enhanced product value creation and also energy and emission reductions with minimal capital cost compared to existing technologies. Collaborative Technologies has a strong customer base in the United States and is expanding it's operations globally.

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