Biomass Fuel NanoCatalyst

 Collaborative Technologies' proprietary biomass fuel nano catalyst was developed specifically for use with wood chips, bamboo, palm kernel shells (PKS) and empty fruit bunch (EFB). These products can be used as replacement fuel at power stations, as a clean alternative to coal to reduce emissions. The demand for palm kernel shells has increased considerably in Asia resulting in prices closer to that of coal. However, the problems associated with the burning of these biomass fuels are the emissions, which is where the BFC offers technical solutions.  

The thermodynamic and kinetic properties of our nano catalytic  particles can be independently controlled and engineered down to the limits of particle size reactivity.

Use of our biomass fuel nano catalyst in conjunction with biomass fuels, improves the burning efficiency and also reduces the emissions of particulate matter and NOx, which improves the overall emissions profile, and because of the improved combustion, there is reduced maintenance benefit for the end user

Use of Palm Kernel Shell (PKS) in Cement Manufacturing

Our biomass fuel nano catalyst can also be used with PKS as  alternative fuel to partially replace fossil fuels (mainly coal) in cement manufacturing.     The reduction of 0.94 tons CO2 for every ton of PKS  as partial replacement of fuel in cement manufacturing  is very significant in GHG reduction for the cement industry.

The consumption of PKS in cement manufacturing would also help reduce the importation of coal from overseas in certain countries and, thus contribute savings in that that country's foreign exchange.

PKS Pulverizing

PKS can be ground effectively and economically in Collaborative Technologies' Transonic Reaction Mill (TRM) and our current output rate makes it the largest PKS pulverizer in the world.


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