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Press Release April 11 2017

Henderson, Nevada /April 11, 2017 /24-7PressRelease/ -- Collaborative Technologies LLC  announced today the commercial availability of  its unique, patented, game changing technology, the Transonic Reaction Mill (TRM). The TRM is changing how the world processes materials, from wheat, corn, rice, soybeans, seaweed and pharmaceuticals to mined minerals and coal for power generation. The company has released its new compact  pharmaceutical model TRM and large volume TRM. The new models represent the company’s ability to drive the TRM into both small and large application specialties, with the large volume model capable of processing material as large as 2 inches in diameter into micronized powders. "Our TRM changes how the world’s economy produces materials. We can process materials of any kind, and additionally  remove the moisture content without the need for grinding media or dryers. Additionally food products which are processed by the TRM such as wheat, soybeans, corn or rice have a higher nutritional value than conventional forms of milling due to its innovative patented process.” said Ronen Hazarika, Managing Partner  at Collaborative Technologies, LLC. 

“We have a deep, robust intellectual property portfolio underpinning the core technology.  We’ve worked diligently to ensure the TRM will serve the needs of people and economies worldwide. We are currently closing a large sale in Asia where the TRM will be used to process significant volumes of human waste, turning it into a safe, odor free pathogen free fertilizer.  We literally destroy the pathogens by imploding the human waste in the TRM’s standing shock wave.” said Hazarika.  It’s also combined with coal to increase the BTU value by 34%, and burned in power generation plants as biofuel.

Collaborative Technologies is developing markets worldwide for the technology, with a focus on the needs of humanity for reduced greenhouse gasses from processing  materials and higher nutritional values in food products.  The TRM uses 70% less energy to process materials versus typical grinding mills. The TRM’s standing shockwave causes materials to implode and  simultaneously removes moisture whilst reducing solid materials into fine particle sizes.

About Collaborative Technologies LLC

Collaborative Technologies LLC is a leading supplier of innovative processing technologies. Based in the United States , Collaborative Technologies designs and builds the first fundamental advancement in milling and drying technology in over 100 years.  Collaborative Technologies provides customers in the food, agricultural  industrial, mining, chemical and pharmaceutical  industries with  technology that  offers enhanced product value creation and also energy and emission reductions with minimal capital cost compared to existing technologies. Collaborative Technologies has a strong customer base in the United States  and is expanding it's operations globally.

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