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The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are a collection of 17 global goals set by the United Nations. The broad goals are interrelated though each has its own targets to achieve.  Goal 13 is Climate Action - taking urgent action to combat climate change and its impacts

Collaborative Technologies provides technology that  offers enhanced product value creation and also energy and emission reductions with minimal capital cost compared to existing technologies.

It offers emission control and renewable energy solutions which include its proprietary Transonic Reaction Mill (TRM) machinery that utilizes Transonic air and sound currents to reduce and break-up solid materials and waste, removing moisture and pathogens, which is a significant  advancement  in particle size reduction and moisture control in over 100 years. 

The company has also developed a  Biomass Fuel NanoCatalyst which works with wood chips, palm kernel Shells (PKS),empty fruit bunch (EFB) to improve burning efficiency and reduce emissions.

​The company also develops and manages Greenhouse gas (GHG) reduction  projects for its clients utilizing its technology and approved methodologies to monetize the benefits of a GHG abatement. Methodologies set out detailed procedures for quantifying the real  (GHG) benefits of a project and determine project boundaries, set baselines, assess additionality and ultimately quantify the GHG emissions that were reduced or removed.    We help the International food, agricultural  industrial, mining, chemical and pharmaceutical  industries achieve emission reductions, meeting the aims of the Paris Agreement as well as Sustainable Development Goal 13 by  delivering a direct and quantifiable impact on climate change mitigation. Customers partnering with Collaborative Technologies on an emission reduction program are able to make verified  ‘carbon neutral,’ ‘climate neutral,’ and ‘climate positive’ claims.